Door Rik Schraag

When my daughter was 3 years old, she had a cuddly panda bear whom she (aptly) named ‘Panda’. The two were inseparable.

Like many children at that age, she had trouble sleeping. Usually, we’d tell her a story or sing her a song to get her to sleep — whatever worked. Panda’s presence remained a must.

One night, after we’d put her to bed, she woke up for some reason. We decided not to intervene and just see what happened.

First, she cried, “Mommeeeeee!!!!!”

No luck.

Her next attempt, “Daddeeeeeeee!!!!”

Still no luck.

She then cried out her older brother’s name.

He was either fast asleep or in on the game.

Finally, she cried, “Pandaaaaaa!!!!!!!”

Mr. Panda wasn’t available for comment.

After a bit of sobbing, she realised she’d been left to her own devices and went to sleep.

A lot of people must have gone through 2020 that way.

I hope all the twenty-twenty survivors will find their inner Panda this year, as well as a rich bamboo shoot to chew on!


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